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Recent Philosophy Articles

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"Distributive Justice and Gameplay"

in Philosophia (June, 2023)

A refutation of Robert Nozick's infamous "Wilt Chamberlain" argument against aggressive programs of economic redistribution.


"Fictionalism and Virtual Objects"

in Exploring Extended Realities:
Metaphysical, Psychological, and Ethical Challenges
(Routledge, 2023)

A tentative defense of fictionalism about objects in VR against criticisms by David Chalmers and Jason Stanley.


"Psychohistory's Noble Lie"

 in Asimov's Foundation and Philosophy: Psychohistory and its Discontents (Carus, 2023)

A philosophical defense of Hari Seldon's deception about the Foundation's true purpose, in Asimov's novel.


My PhilPeople Site

A complete list of all my articles, books, reviews, and other miscellaneous publications in philosophy.

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